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Welcome to my curated collection of Copenhagen's most picturesque wedding portrait spots! From the elegance of Frederiksberg Palace gardens to the vibrant charm of Nyhavn's colourful houses. Take a look and let these  locations inspire your portrait session!



Copenhagen's most iconic location, famous for its colourful buildings and picturesque canal views, a true postcard! 



A charming street in Copenhagen's historic city center, lined with colorful buildings, cozy cafes, and boutiques, offering a glimpse into the city's rich heritage and vibrant culture.


Christiansborg Ridebane

A blend of architectural elegance and classical design. Located beside the iconic Christiansborg Palace and Marble bride. 


Carlsberg Town

A historic district in Copenhagen, offering a unique backdrop for portrait photos with its blend of industrial heritage, vibrant street art, and charming cobblestone streets.


Copenhagen City Hall

An iconic architectural masterpiece in the heart of the city, with stunning architectural details, perfect for timeless and elegant portrait photos capturing the essence of the city's grandeur and sophistication.


Det Kongelige Biblioteks Have

Copenhagen's hidden gem, where nature's beauty provides the perfect backdrop for capturing enchanting portrait photos.



A charming cobblestone street in Copenhagen, brimming with character and lined with cozy cafes and boutique shops.


Christianshavn Canals

A quieter alternative to Nyhavn, Copenhagen's charming waterways offer a lined with colourful buildings and picturesque views of the city. 


Let's go local 

Join me as we explore the city's hidden gems. Along the way, we'll stroll through the city's most charming local streets, capturing authentic moments and discovering unique backdrops for your perfect wedding pictures in Copenhagen!


Opera House 

The Opera house offers a stunning architecture and panoramic views,

overlooking the Marble Church creating an unforgettable setting for your special day.


Wedding portraits at your hotel!

Let's capture your love story in the cozy comfort of your own hotel. 


Botanical Garden

Not just a haven for plants, but also a picturesque backdrop for stunning photo portraits.


Rosenborg Castle

An interesting blend of history and beauty in Copenhagen, with its magnificent Renaissance architecture complemented by stunning gardens.

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